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Senior Staff

Andrew Leventhal, MD, PhD
Staff Clinician
Critical Care Medicine Department

Academic Degrees
MD, PhD Columbia University


Phone: 301-496-9320

Photo of Andrew Leventhal


Dr. Leventhal is a cardiologist, intensivist, and basic/translational scientist. After obtaining a BS in physics and biology at Emory University, Dr. Leventhal completed the MD-PhD program at Columbia University. His graduate work focused on macrophage intracellular lipid trafficking with particular emphasis on identifying novel therapeutic targets for atherosclerosis. After finishing internal medicine training at The Brigham & Women's Hospital, Dr. Leventhal completed a unique fellowship combining critical care medicine training (NIH) with cardiology (The Johns Hopkins Hospital).

Currently, Dr. Leventhal is a Staff Clinician in the Critical Care Medicine Department where he serves as an attending physician in the ICU at the NIH Clinical Center. He also works in the Laboratory of Cardiovascular Regeneration of the NHLBI under the direction of Dr. Manfred Boehm (Senior Investigator). His current studies investigate the molecular mechanisms of angiogenesis. The purpose of his research is to identify molecular targets to enhance angiogenesis and provide better therapies for wound healing & myocardial infarction.

Honors and Awards

Emory College Academic Scholarship, 1994-98; Barry Goldwater Scholarship (Science and Engineering), 1997-98; Phi Beta Kappa, Emory University, 1997; Magna cum laude, Emory University, 1998; Highest Academic Achievement (Valedictorian), Emory University, 1998; Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) Fellowship, Columbia University, 1998-2005; Samuel W. Rover and Lewis Rover Award for Outstanding Research in Anatomy & Cell Biology, Columbia University, 2004; Resident Mentoring Award, 2008.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Corrigan FE 3rd, Leventhal AR, Khan S, Rao S, Christopher-Stine L, Schulman SP. A rare cause of cardiac ischemia: systemic lupus erythematosus presenting as the hyperviscosity syndrome. Ann Intern Med. 2010 Sep 21;153(6):422-4.

Leventhal A, Chen G, Negro A, Boehm M. The Benefits and Risks of Stem Cell Technology. Oral Dis. 2011 Oct 21.

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