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Clinical Electives Program: Nuclear Medicine

4 week or 8 week elective

Rotation Coordinator:
Clara Chen, M.D.

Rotation Description
Nuclear Medicine provides traditional nuclear medicine clinical tests (approximately 7,000 per year) for all National Institutes of Health (NIH) patients enrolled in active studies. Nuclear Medicine is equipped with 3 single-photo emission computerized tomography (SPECT) gamma cameras, a SPECT/CT, a PET/CT system, and bone densitometry. All images are centrally stored and can be accessed by investigators. The laboratories include radiolabeling of proteins and peptides and molecular biology facilities. This elective is best suited to self motivated students willing to undertake small, limited projects in conjunction with a member of the staff. The nature of these projects will depend on the student's interests and staff availability, and are usually mutually agreed upon prior to acceptance into the elective.


  • Ronald Neumann, M.D., Chief
  • Clara Chen, M.D.
  • James Reynolds, M.D.
  • Corina Millo, M.D., (Pet Department)

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