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Course-Specific Elements

IPPCR: Registration

NIH On-Site Attendee Registration

Register as an On-Site Student: [disclaimer].

Note: Individuals in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area who are affiliated with the NIH should select this option. If you are not located in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area, please go to the remote-site student registration page.

2015-2016 Participating Remote Site Registration

Register as a Remote Site Student: [disclaimer].

Note: To find out if there is an approved remote site in your area, please go to the Remote-site student registration link and check the drop down menu under “Affiliation” to see the current list of 2015-2016 participating remote sites. You may register with a remote site in your area if your organization is not currently approved as a remote site.

Establishing a Remote Site:
If you would like to start a remote site, please contact the course coordinator, Mr. Daniel McAnally, by email at In order to become a register remote site, you must meet the following requirements:

  • be affiliated with a university, hospital, healthcare facility, learning institute, academic center, or a research center;
  • have at least 3 participants interested in taking the course at your potential remote site;
  • have a site Chairperson and liaison to register (which can be the same person);
  • Chairperson must hold an advanced degree (e.g., MD, PhD, MPH, NP).

This page last reviewed on 10/05/2015

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