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Photo of Ronald Summers

Ronald M. Summers, MD, PhD
Senior Investigator
Clinical Image Processing Service
Imaging Biomarkers and Computer-Aided Diagnosis Laboratory
Radiology and Imaging Sciences

Academic Degrees
PhD, University of Pennsylvania
MD, University of Pennsylvania


Phone: 301-402-5486

Curriculum Vitae

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Ronald M. Summers, MD, PhD


Ronald M. Summers received the B.A. degree in physics and the M.D. and Ph.D. degrees in Medicine/Anatomy & Cell Biology from the University of Pennsylvania. He completed a medical internship at the Presbyterian-University of Pennsylvania Hospital, Philadelphia, PA, a radiology residency at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, and an MRI fellowship at Duke University, Durham, NC. In 1994, he joined the Diagnostic Radiology Department at the NIH Clinical Center in Bethesda, MD where he is now a tenured Senior Investigator and Staff Radiologist. He is currently Chief of the Clinical Image Processing Service and directs the Imaging Biomarkers and Computer-Aided Diagnosis (CAD) Laboratory. In 2000, he received the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers, presented by Dr. Neal Lane, President Clinton’s science advisor. In 2012, he received the NIH Director’s Award, presented by NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins. His research interests include virtual colonoscopy, CAD, multi-organ multi-atlas registration and development of large radiologic image databases. His clinical areas of specialty are thoracic and gastrointestinal radiology and body cross-sectional imaging. He is a member of the editorial boards of the journals Radiology and Academic Radiology and is a Fellow of the Society of Abdominal Radiologists. He is a program committee member of the Computer-aided Diagnosis program of the annual SPIE Medical Imaging conference. He has co-authored over 300 journal, review and conference proceedings articles and is a coinventor on 12 patents. An avid mentor, he has supervised over 80 trainees.

Selected Publications

Editorials and Review Articles (PubMed link)

Kohli MD, Summers RM, Geis JR. Medical Image Data and Datasets in the Era of Machine Learning—Whitepaper from the 2016 C-MIMI Meeting Dataset Session. J Digit Imaging DOI 10.1007/s10278-017-9976-3 (2017).

Summers RM. Texture analysis in radiology: Does the emperor have no clothes? (Invited Commentary) Abdominal Imaging (2016). DOI: 10.1007/s00261-016-0950-1

Wang S, Greenspan H, Van Ginneken B, Summers RM. Guest Editorial: Deep Learning in Medical Imaging: Overview and Future Promise of an Exciting New Technique. IEEE TMI 35(5) 1153-1159 (2016).

Summers RM. Progress in Fully-automated Abdominal CT Interpretation. AJR 207: 67-79 (2016).

Burtt K, Turkbey B, Choyke PL, Summers RM. Computer Aided-Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer on Multiparametric MRI: A Technical Review of Current Research. BioMed Research International Article ID 789561:1-11 (2014).

Summers RM. Tumor Response Assessment Using Volumetric Doubling Time: Better than RECIST? Academic Radiology 21:947–949 (2014).

Wang S, Burtt K, Turkbey B, Choyke PL, Summers RM. Computer Aided-Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer on Multiparametric MRI: A Technical Review of Current Research. BioMed Research International Article ID 789561:1-11 (2014).

Huo Z*, Summers RM *, Paquerault S, Lo J, Hoffmeister J, Armato SG III, Freedman MT, Lin J, Ben Lo S-C, Petrick N, Sahiner B, Fryd D, Yoshida H, Chan H-P. Quality Assurance and Training Procedures for Computer-aided Detection and Diagnosis Systems in Clinical Use. Medical Physics 40(7): 077001-1 to 13 (2013). * These two authors contributed equally to this work.

Petrick N*, Sahiner B*, Armato III SG, Bert A, Correale L, Delsanto S, Freedman MT, Fryd D, Gur D, Hadjiiski L, Huo Z, Jiang Y, Morra L, Paquerault S, Raykar V, Salganicoff M, Samuelson F, Summers RM, Tourassi G, Yoshida H, Zheng B, Zhou C, Chan H-P. Evaluation of Computer-Aided Detection and Diagnosis Systems. Medical Physics 40(8): 087001-1 to 17 (2013).

Wang S, Summers RM. Machine learning and radiology. Med Image Anal. 16(5):933-51 (2012).

Summers RM. Evaluation of computer-aided detection devices: consensus is developing. Acad Radiol. 19(4):377-9 (2012).

Summers RM. Dose Reduction in CT: The Time Is Now. Academic Radiology 17 (10): 1201-1202 (2010).

Summers RM. Polyp size measurement at CT colonography: What do we know and what do we need to know? Radiology 255(3):707-720 (2010).

Summers RM. Improving the accuracy of CTC interpretation: Computer-aided detection. Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Clinics of North America 20(2):245-257 (2010).

Summers RM. Roadmaps for Advancement of Radiologic Computer-Aided Detection in the Twenty-First Century. Radiology 229:11-13 (2003).

Journal Articles (PubMed Link)

Liu J, Wang D, Lu L, Wei Z, Kim L, Turkbey EB, Sahiner B, Petrick N, Summers RM. Detection And Diagnosis Of Colitis On Computed Tomography Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks. Med Phys in press doi: 10.1002/mp.12399.

Yao J, Burns JE, Sanoria V, Summers RM. Mixed Spine Metastasis Detection through PET/CT Synthesis and Multi-classifier. J Med Imaging 4(2), 024504 (2017). doi:10.1117/1.JMI.4.2.024504.

Lay N, Tsehay Y, Greer MD, Turkbey B, Kwak JT, Choyke PL, Pinto P, Wood BJ, Summers RM. Detection of Prostate Cancer in Multi-Parametric MRI Using Random Forest with Instance Weighting. J Med Imaging 4(2), 024506 (2017).

Burns JE, Yao J, Summers RM. Automated Detection and Classification of Vertebral Body Compression Fractures and Bone Density on CT. Radiology in press.

Wang X, Peng Y, Lu L, Bagheri M, Lu Z, Summers RM. ChestX-ray8: Hospital-scale Chest X-ray Database and Benchmarks on Weakly-Supervised Classification and Localization of Common Thorax Diseases. IEEE CVPR 2017 accepted; and

Wang X, Lu L, Shin H, Kim L, Bagheri M, Nogues I, Yao J, Summers RM. Unsupervised Joint Mining of Deep Features and Image Labels for Large-scale Radiology Image Annotation and Scene Recognition. IEEE Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV) pp. 998-1007 (2017); and

Shin HC, Lu L, Kim L, Seff A, Yao J, Summers RM. Interleaved Text/Image Deep Mining on a Large-Scale Radiology Database for Automated Image Interpretation. J Machine Learning Research 17(107):1-31 (2016).

Shin H-C, Roth HR, Gao M, Lu L, Xu Z, Nogues I, Yao J, Mollura D, Summers RM. Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Computer-Aided Detection: CNN Architectures, Dataset Characteristics and Transfer Learning. IEEE TMI 10.1109/TMI.2016.2528162 35(5):1285-1298 (2016).

Roth HR, Lu L, Liu J, Yao J, Seff A, Cherry K, Kim L, Summers RM. Improving Computer-aided Detection using Convolutional Neural Networks and Random View Aggregation. IEEE TMI 10.1109/TMI.2015.2482920 35(5):1170-1181 (2016).

Roth HR, Lu L, Farag A, Sohn A, and Summers RM. Spatial Aggregation of Holistically-Nested Networks for Automated Pancreas Segmentation. MICCAI 2016, Part II, LNCS 9901, pp. 451–459, 2016.

Nogues I, Lu L, Wang X, Roth H, Bertasius G, Lay N, Shi J, Tsehay Y, Summers RM. Automatic Lymph Node Cluster Segmentation using Holistically-Nested Networks and Structured Optimization in CT images. MICCAI 2016, Part II, LNCS 9901, pp. 388–397, 2016.

Shin HC, Roberts K, Lu L, Demner-Fushman D, Yao J, Summers RM. Learning to Read Chest X-Rays: Recurrent Neural Cascade Model for Automated Image Annotation. IEEE CVPR, pp. 2497-2506 and arXiv:1603.08486 (2016).

Seff A, Lu L, Barbu A, Roth H, Shin H-C, Summers RM. Leveraging Mid-Level Semantic Boundary Cues for Automated Lymph Node Detection. N. Navab et al. (Eds.): MICCAI 2015, Part II, LNCS 9350, pp. 53–61, 2015.

Roth HR, Lu L, Farag A, Shin H-C, Liu J, Turkbey EB, Summers RM. DeepOrgan: Multi-level Deep Convolutional Networks for Automated Pancreas Segmentation. N. Navab et al. (Eds.): MICCAI 2015, Part I, LNCS 9349, pp. 556–564, 2015.

Burns JE, Yao J, Munoz H, Summers RM. Automated Detection, Localization, and Classification of Traumatic Vertebral Body Fractures in the Thoracic and Lumbar Spine on Computed Tomography. Radiology 278(1):64-73 (2016), (2015).

Shin H-C, Lu L, Kim L, Seff A, Yao J, Summers RM. Interleaved Text/Image Deep Mining on a Large-Scale Radiology Database. IEEE CVPR p. 1090-1099 (2015).

Roth HR, Lu L, Seff A, Cherry KM, Hoffman J, Wang S, Liu J, Turkbey E, Summers RM. A New 2.5D Representation for Lymph Node Detection Using Random Sets of Deep Convolutional Neural Network Observations. In P. Golland et al. (Eds.): MICCAI 2014, Part I, LNCS 8673:520–527 (2014).

Liu J, Wang S, Linguraru MG, Yao J, Summers RM. Tumor Sensitive Matching Flow: A Variational Method to Detecting and Segmenting Perihepatic and Perisplenic Ovarian Cancer Metastases on Contrast-Enhanced Abdominal CT. Medical Image Analysis 18:725-739 (2014). Audio slides available at: [disclaimer].

Yao J, Burns JE, Munoz H, Summers RM. Cortical shell unwrapping for vertebral body abnormality detection on computed tomography. Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics 38:628–638 (2014). Images featured on the cover of the journal.

Burns JE, Yao J, Wiese T, Munoz H, Jones EC, Summers RM. Automated Detection of Sclerotic Metastases in the Thoracolumbar Spine at CT. Radiology 268(1):69-78 (2013). Images featured on the cover of the journal.

Nguyen TB, Wang SW, Anugu V, Rose N, McKenna M, Petrick N, Burns JE, Summers RM. Distributed Human Intelligence for Colonic Polyp Classification in Computer-aided Detection for CT Colonography. Radiology 262(3):824-833 (2012). Article highlighted in an accompanying video podcast at [disclaimer].

Linguraru MG, Panjwani N, Fletcher JG, Summers RM. Automated Image-based Colon Cleansing for Laxative-free CT Colonography Computer-aided Polyp Detection. Med Phys 38(12):6633-6642 (2011). Article highlighted in the Editor's Picks column for the Medical Physics Scitation site.

Roney CA, Xu B, Xie J, Yuan S, Wierwille J, Chen C-W, Chen Y, Griffiths GL, and Summers RM. Rh-I-UEA-1 polymerized liposomes target and image adenomatous polyps in the APCMin/+ mouse using optical colonography. Molecular Imaging 10(4):305-316 (2011). Images featured on the cover of the journal.

Summers RM, Swift JA, Dwyer AJ, Choi JR, Pickhardt PJ. Normalized Distance Along the Colon Centerline: A Method for Correlating Polyp Location on CT Colonography and Optical Colonoscopy. AJR 193:1296-1304 (2009). [Article highlighted in an accompanying editorial: Dachman AH. Comparison of Optical Colonoscopy and CT Colonography for Polyp Detection AJR 193:1289-1290 (2009).]

Summers RM, Frentz S, Liu J, Yao J, Brown L, Louie A, Barlow DS, Jensen DW, Dwyer AJ, Pickhardt PJ, Petrick N. Conspicuity of Colorectal Polyps at CT Colonography: Visual Assessment, CAD Performance, and the Important Role of Polyp Height. Academic Radiology 16:4-14 (2009). [Article highlighted in an accompanying editorial: Krupinski EA. What can the radiologist teach CAD: lessons from CT colonoscopy. Academic Radiology 16:1-3 (2009).]

Petrick N, Haider M, Summers RM, Yeshwant SC, Brown L, Iuliano EM, Louie A, Choi JR, Pickhardt PJ. CT Colonography with Computer-Aided Detection as a Second Reader: Observer Performance Study. Radiology 246(1):148-156 (2008).

Huang A, Roy D, Summers RM, Franaszek M, Petrick N, Choi JR, Pickhardt PJ. Teniae Coli-Based Circumferential Localization System for CT Colonography: Feasibility Study. Radiology 243(2):551-560 (2007). See online movies at: [disclaimer].

O'Connor SD, Yao J, Summers RM. Lytic Metastases in Thoracolumbar Spine: Computer Aided Detection at CT -- Preliminary Study. Radiology 242(3): 811-816 + supplemental material (2007). Images featured on the cover of the journal.

Summers RM, Yao J, Pickhardt PJ, Franaszek M, Bitter I, Brickman D, Krishna V, Choi JR. Computed tomographic virtual colonoscopy computer-aided polyp detection in a screening population. Gastroenterology 129: 1832-1844 (2005). [Article highlighted in an accompanying editorial: Bond JH. Progress in refining virtual colonoscopy for colorectal cancer screening. Gastroenterology 129: 2103-2106 (2005).]

Finkelstein SE, Schrump DS, Nguyen DM, Hewitt SM, Kunst TF, Summers RM. Comparative evaluation of super-high resolution computed tomography and virtual bronchoscopy for the detection of tracheobronchial malignancies. Chest 124(5):1834-1840 (2003). See movies at [disclaimer].

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