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Medicine for the Public: 2012 Lecture Series

About Medicine For the Public Lecture Series

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Since 1977, NIH researchers have educated the public about biomedical research through yearly "Medicine for the Public" programs. This unique forum, hosted by the NIH Clinical Center, engaged NIH scientists to present state-of-the art research in lay language to the public. Attendees had the singular opportunity not only to learn about basic research from those who did it, but also to understand how that research could diagnose, treat, and prevent disease - and ultimately, preserve health. In this way, Medicine for the Public has contributed to the NIH Clear Communication Initiative, which seeks to improve the nation's health literacy.*

Through a new collaboration between the NIH Clinical Center, Suburban Hospital, and Johns Hopkins Medicine, this goal can be realized even more fully. Presentations will address current translational research directions, review later-stage research trends, and explore current clinical practice.

* Background on "Clear Communication," the NIH health literacy initiative

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