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On the Frontline of Medical Discovery

Prostate Cancer

Dr. Marston Linehan
Chief, Urologic Oncology Branch
National Cancer Institute

Tuesday, Oct. 24, 2000 • 7 pm

Masur Auditorium•NIH Clinical Center

Dr. W. Marston Linehan

Dr. W. Marston Linehan received his undergraduate degree from Brown University and his medical degree from the University of Oklahoma. He completed internships in medicine from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and in surgery from Duke University Medical Center. He continued his training with six more years of residency in urologic surgery and endocrine oncology at Duke. Dr. Linehan was a teaching scholar in academic urologic surgery at Duke from 1981 to 1982.

Dr. Linehan came to NIH in 1982 as a senior investigator and urologist-in-charge in the Surgery Branch of the National Cancer Institute. In 1997, he was appointed Chief of the newly formed Urologic Oncology Branch. He serves on numerous professional committees and boards: the editorial committee of World Journal Urology, consultant and editorial board of the investigation section of Journal of Urology, program committee of the American Urological Association, editorial board of Urological Research, executive committee of the Society of Urologic Oncology, scientific advisory board of the CapCure Foundation, associate editor of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, consulting editor of Urology, editorial board of Contemporary Urology, the steering committee of the NCI Prostate Cancer Progress Review Group, member of the NCI Molecular Epidemiology Coordinating Committee, the editorial board of Cancer Therapeutics, and the Board of Governors of the NIH Clinical Center.

Dr. Linehan is a member of the American Urological Association, American College of Surgeons, Society of University Surgeons, American Association for Cancer Research, and the Society of Urologic Research, among other organizations. He has been an invited lecturer for many organizations, including the Society of Basic Urologic Research, the American Urological Association, and the American Foundation of Urologic Diseases. Dr. Linehan has authored or coauthored 280 scientific publications. Dr. Linehan 's research interests have focused on the molecular genetics of genitourinary cancer. He was instrumental in discovering the genes for von Hippel-Lindau and Hereditary Papillary Renal Carcinoma, which are inherited forms of kidney cancer.

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