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August / September 2023

Lecture recap: DEIA hosts engaging panel on sex and gender

Bali White
Bali White, Strategist, Sexual and Gender Minority Portfolio, Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

“When Cece asked me if I would talk for at least a couple of minutes and welcome you, I actually was reasonably uncomfortable - because this is a topic that I know very little about” said Dr. Gilman, Clinical Center CEO, in an uncharacteristically uncertain voice as he opened his Welcome Address to the discussion panel on July 12th.

He continued, “We are trying to discuss how we allow our patients and our family members and our NIH staff... To discuss how each one of them is allowed to be their authentic selves without work prejudices, without any adverse connotations... I think this is very important.”

The panel consisted of Dr. Karen Parker, director, Sexual & Gender Minority Research Office; Bali White, strategist, Sexual and Gender Minority Portfolio, Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion; Haley Maness, senior clinical research nurse/safety and quality nurse, 1NW; J. Wade Atkins, supervisor, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs, Department of Transfusion Medicine; and was moderated by David Saeger, chief, Office of Hospital Administrative Support.

Saeger made opening remarks - emphasizing the event was an opportunity for collective learning, acknowledging that none of the participants could possesses complete knowledge on the subject matter.

The panel provided the opportunity for many educational moments, such as information about SafeZone training that White spoke about, or Parker’s slide citing a recent Gallup poll that showed that 1/5 Gen Z adults identify as LGBTQ+.

This talk was part of the Clinical Center’s Diversity Equity Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA) Programs initiative, which has been bringing up topics that are sometimes complicated or emotionally loaded–such as the two facilitated discussions on Police brutality.

For more information on this topic and link to SafeZone training, visit the EDI website research/programs.

This panel discussion was recorded and can be seen online.

- Dan Silber

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