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Jianhua (Jack) Yao, PhD
Associate Scientist, Manager
Clinical Image Processing Services
Radiology and Imaging Sciences

Academic Degrees
PhD, Johns Hopkins University
MS, Tsinghua University, China
BS, Tianjin University, China


Phone: 301-402-3225


Dr. Jack Yao is currently an Associate Scientist and manager in the RAD&IS at the National Institutes of Health, where he manages a clinical image processing lab. He is also affiliated with the Virtual Endoscopy and Computer-Aided Detection Lab at NIH. His research interests include clinical image processing, deformable model, nonrigid registration, CAD and CT colonography. He has published more than 170 papers in journals and conference proceedings, and holds two patents in colon cancer CAD technique. Dr. Yao is a reviewer for IEEE TMI, IEEE TBME, IEEE IP, Medical Physics, Computer Assisted Tomography, and Medical Image Analysis. Dr. Yao was a co-chair of the CAD section in IEEE ISBI 2007 and MICCAI workshop 2010. He is also a guest editor for a special issue of Pattern Recognition on tumor imaging.

Honors and Awards

Best paper award, International CAOS 2002
Best poster award, SPIE Medical Imaging, 2011

Selected Publications


Jianhua Yao, Image Processing in Tumor Imaging. Advances in Cancer Imaging. P. L. Choyke and A. Padhani, Taylor and Francis Books, 2005


Ivan Rosas, Jianhua Yao (co-first author), Nilo Avila, Catherine Chow, William Gahl, Bernadette Gochuico, Automated Quantification of HRCT Findings in Individuals at Risk for Pulmonary Fibrosis, accepted for publication in Chest 2011, Prepublished online May 26, 2011, DOI 10.1378/chest.10-2545

Jianhua Yao, Andrew Dwyer, Ronald Summers, Daniel Mollura, Computer-Aided Diagnosis Of Pulmonary Infections Using Texture Analysis And Support Vector Machine Classification. Academic Radiology, 18 (3): p.306-314, 2011.

Xinjian Chen, Ronald Summers and Jianhua Yao, FEM- Based 3-D Tumor Growth Prediction for Kidney Tumor. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, 58 (3), 463-467, 2011.

Marcelo A. Castro, Jianhua Yao, Yuxi Pang, Christabel Lee, Eva Baker, John Butman, Iordanis E. Evangelou and David Thomasson, Template-based B1 inhomogeneity correction in 3T MRI brain studies. IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 2010 Nov; 29(11): 1927-41.

Jianhua Yao, Chowdhury, A.S., Summers, R.M., Aman, J., Reversible Projection Technique for Colon Unfolding. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, Vol 57, No. 12, 2010, p2861-2869.

Wang, Shijun, Jianhua Yao, Jiamin Liu, Nicholas Petrick, Robert L. Van Uitert, Senthil Periaswamy,  and R.M. Summers, Registration of prone and supine CT Colonography scans using correlation optimized warping and canonical correlation analysis. Medical Physics, 2009, 36 (12), pp. 5595-5603.

Jianhua Yao, Jiang Li, Ronald M Summers, Colonic Polyp Detection And Measurement Using Topographical Height Map. Pattern Recognition, 42 (6) 1029-1040, 2009.

Marius George Linguraru, Jianhua Yao, Rabindra Gautam, James Peterson, Zhixi Li, W. Marston Linehan, Ronald M Summers, Renal Tumor Quantification and Classification in Contrast-Enhanced Abdominal CT. Pattern Recognition, 42 (6) 1149-1161, 2009.

Jianhua Yao, Jeremy Chen and Catherine Chow, Breast Tumor Analysis in Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MRI Using Texture Features and Wavelet Transform. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing, Vol3, No. 1, 94-100, 2009.

Jianhua Yao and David Chen, Live Level Set: A Hybrid Method of Livewire and Level Set for Medical Image Segmentation. Medical Physics, 2008 Sep; 35(9): 4112-20.

Tan, S., Jianhua Yao, M. Ward, L. Yao, and R.M. Summers., Computer Aided Evaluation of Ankylosing Spondylitis Using High-Resolution CT, IEEE Trans. Med. Imag., 2008, 27 (9): p1252-1267.

Wang, Shijun, Jianhua Yao and R.M. Summers, Improved classifier for computer-aided polyp detection in CT Colonography by nonlinear dimensionality reduction. Medical Physics, 2008, 35 (4): p. 1377.

Jianhua Yao and R.M. Summers, Adaptive Deformable Model for Colonic Polyp Segmentation and Measurement on CT Colonography. Medical Physics, 2007. 34(5): p. 1655-1664

O'Connor, S.D., Jianhua Yao, Summers, R.M., Lytic Metastases in Thoracolumbar Spine: Computer Aided Detection at CT -- A Preliminary Study. Radiology, 2007. 242(3): p. 811-816 (Cover paper)

Jiang Li, Jianhua Yao, et al,. An Efficient Feature Selection Algorithm for Computer-Aided Polyp Detection. International Journal on Artificial Intelligence Tools (IJAIT), Vol. 15, No. 6, 2006. p893-915.

Summers, R.M., Jianhua Yao, et al., Computed Tomographic Virtual Colonoscopy Computer-Aided Polyp Detection in a Screening Population. Gastroenterology, 2005. 129: p. 1832-1844.

Jianhua Yao, Meghan Miller, Marek Franaszek, Ronald Summers, “Colonic Polyp Segmentation in CT Colonography Based on Fuzzy Clustering and Deformable Models“, IEEE Transaction on Medical Imaging, 2004 23(11): p 1344-1352.

Ronald M. Summers, Jianhua Yao, C. Daniel Johnson, “CT Colonography Computer-Aided Detection: Automated Recognition of the Ileocecal Valve to Reduce False Positive Detections”, Radiology, 2004 (October), p. 266-272.

Jianhua Yao, Russell H. Taylor, “Non-Rigid Registration and Correspondence in Medical Image Analysis Using Multiple-Layer Flexible Mesh Template Matching”, International Journal of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence (IJPRAI), volume 17, issue 7, 2003, pp1145-1165.

Jianhua Yao, Russell H. Taylor, R. P. Goldberg, R. Kumar, A. Bzostek, R. V. Vorhis, P. Kazanzides, and A. Gueziec, "A C-arm Fluoroscopy Guided Progressive Cut Refinement Strategy Using Surgical Robot." Computer Assisted Surgery, Vol5, Issue 6, 2000, pp373-390.

Peer Reviewed Conferences

Ulas Bagcı, Jianhua Yao, Jesus Caban, Anthony F. Suffredini, Tara N. Palmore, and Daniel J. Mollura, Learning Shape and Texture Characteristics of CT Tree-in-Bud Opacities for CAD Systems, accepted for publication in MICCAI 2011, Toronto, Canada.

Javed M. Aman, Ronald M. Summers, Jianhua Yao, Automatic Colonic Polyp Shape Determination using Content-Based Image Retrieval, SPIE Medical Imaging, Orlando, FL, 2011, (Cum Laude Poster Award)

Jianhua Yao, Ronald M. Summers, Statistical  Location Model for Abdominal Organ Segmentation,  MICCAI (Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention), 2009, Part II, LNCS 5762, pp. 9-17, 2009

Jeremy Chen, Jianhua Yao, Automatic Determination of Arterial Input Function for Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MRI in Tumor Assessment, MICCAI (Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention)2008, New York, NY

John Butman, Jianhua Yao, and Jeff Solomon. The Registration Engine: Demonstrating the Clinical Utility of Coregistration in the Serial Evaluation of Brain Tumors. ASNR. 2005.

Jianhua Yao, Russell H. Taylor, “Assessing Accuracy Factor in Deformable 2D/3D Medical Image Registration Using a Statistical Pelvis Model”, IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), pp 1329-1334, 2003.

John Butman, Jianhua Yao, J. Lee, M. Collins, “Dynamic remodeling of bone in fibrous dysplasia on series craniofacial CT”, ASNR 2003.

Jianhua Yao, Russell H. Taylor, “Deformable registration between a statistical bone density atlas and X-ray images”, International CAOS 2002, (Best Paper Award)

Jianhua Yao, Russell H. Taylor, "Tetrahedral Mesh Modeling of Density Data for Anatomical Atlases and Intensity-Based Registration", MICCAI 2000, pp531-540

Jianhua Yao, Russell H. Taylor, et al, "A Progressive Cut Refinement Scheme for Revision Total Hip Replacement Surgery Using C-arm Fluoroscopy", MICCAI 1999, pp1010-1020


Jianhua Yao and Ronald Summers, “Determination of feature boundaries in a digital representation of an anatomical structure”, U.S. Provisional Patent Application, No. 10/779,210, E-351-2003

Ronald Summers, Jianhua Yao, Daniel C. Johnson, “Automated Identification of Ileocecal Valve”, U.S. Provisional Patent Application No. 60/510,640

Portrait of Jianhua Yao

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