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Mark A. Ahlman, MD
Medical Officer
Radiology and Imaging Sciences

Academic Degrees
BS, Columbus State University
MD, Georgia Health Sciences University


Phone: 301-496-5675


Dr. Ahlman serves as a staff clinician at the NIH Clinical Center in the nuclear medicine section of the department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences (RADIS). His clinical practice utilizes his three board certifications in nuclear medicine (ABNM), cardiovascular computed tomography (CBCCT), and bone densitometry (ISCD-CCD).

During and following his research fellowship within RADIS, Dr. Ahlman led development of the methodology currently used at the Clinical Center for multi-modality CT/MR/PET vascular imaging and subsequent methods for analysis. He serves as an investigator and co-author for numerous IRB-approved protocols for intramural and extramural research, which involves advanced applications of CT, MR, SPECT-CT, PET-CT, and PET-MR.

Augmented by his clinical expertise in advanced oncology imaging, Dr. Ahlman’s research interests primarily focus on quantitative and qualitative image analysis in PET imaging. He also serves as the RADIS lead coordinator and mentor for rotating research interns.

Selected Publications

Christopher Melani, et al.: PD-1 Blockade in Mediastinal Gray-Zone Lymphoma. New England Journal of Medicine 07/2017; 377(1):89-91.

Mark A. Ahlman, et al.: Part 2 – Coronary angiography with gadofosveset trisodium: a prospective intra-subject comparison for dose optimization for 100 % efficiency imaging. BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 12/2016; 16(1).

Mark A. Ahlman, et al.: Part 1 - Coronary angiography with gadofosveset trisodium: A prospective feasibility study evaluating injection techniques for steady-state imaging. BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 12/2015; 15(1).

Christoph Kolbitsch, Mark A Ahlman, et al.: Cardiac and respiratory motion correction for simultaneous cardiac PET-MR. Journal of Nuclear Medicine 02/2017; 58(5):jnumed.115.171728.

Heather L. Teague, Mark A. Ahlman (Equal contribution by first 2 authors), et al.: Unraveling Vascular Inflammation. Journal of the American College of Cardiology 09/2017; 70(11):1403-1412.

Veit Sandfort, Mark A. Ahlman, et al.: High pitch third generation dual-source CT: Coronary and cardiac visualization on routine chest CT. Journal of cardiovascular computed tomography 04/2016;

L. Lindenberg, M. Ahlman, B. Turkbey, E. Mena, P. Choyke: Evaluation of prostate cancer with PET/MRI. DOI:10.2967/jnumed.115.169763

Filip Zemrak, Mark A Ahlman, et al.: The Relationship of Left Ventricular Trabeculation to Ventricular Function and Structure Over a 9.5-Year Follow-Up The MESA Study. Journal of the American College of Cardiology 11/2014; 64(19):1971-1980.

Mark A Ahlman, et al.: A single CT for attenuation correction of both rest and stress SPECT myocardial perfusion imaging: A retrospective feasibility study. International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine 01/2014; 7(1):148-155.

Mark A Ahlman, Michael S Rissing, Leonie Gordon: Evolution of bisphosphonate-related atypical fracture retrospectively observed with DXA scanning. Journal of bone and mineral research 02/2012; 27(2):496-8.

Mark A. Ahlman, MD

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