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Portrait of Dr. Daniel S. Chertow
Daniel S. Chertow, MD, MPH

Tenured Investigator
Head, Emerging Pathogens Section

Critical Care Medicine

MD, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University
MPH, University of California, Berkeley School of Public Health


Portrait of Dr. Daniel S. Chertow
Daniel S. Chertow, MD, MPH

Tenured Investigator
Head, Emerging Pathogens Section

Critical Care Medicine

MD, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University
MPH, University of California, Berkeley School of Public Health


Dr. Daniel S. Chertow is a Tenured Investigator in the Critical Care Medicine Department at the NIH Clinical Center and in the Laboratory of Immunoregulation at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

CAPT Chertow is an officer in the United States Public Health Service (USPHS), a member of the American Society for Clinical Investigation, and a Fellow in the American College of Critical Care Medicine and the Infectious Diseases Society of America.

CAPT Chertow received his undergraduate degree in Sociology from Boston College, his Medical Degree from Northwestern University, and his Masters in Public Health from the University of California, Berkeley. He completed internal medicine residency at the University of California, San Diego and fellowship training in Critical Care Medicine and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Johns Hopkins University, respectively. He additionally trained as an Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer at the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

CAPT Chertow's translational research program evaluates pathogenesis of critical illness due to severe emerging pathogens including Influenza A virus, Ebola virus, Zika virus, and severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 to guide improved clinical management.

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Khurana S, Ravichandran S, Hahn M, Coyle EM, Stonier SW, Zak SE, Kindrachuk J, Davey RT Jr, Dye JM, Chertow DS. Longitudinal Human Antibody Repertoire against Complete Viral Proteome from Ebola Virus Survivor Reveals Protective Sites for Vaccine Design. Cell Host Microbe. 2020 Feb 12;27(2):262-276.e4. doi: 10.1016/j.chom.2020.01.001.PMID: 32053790.

Barnes KG, Kindrachuk J, Lin AE, Wohl S, Qu J, Tostenson SD, Dorman WR, Busby M, Siddle KJ, Luo CY, Matranga CB, Davey RT, Sabeti PC, Chertow DS. Evidence of Ebola Virus Replication and High Concentration in Semen of a Patient During Recovery. Clin Infect Dis. 2017; 65: 1400-1403.

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Chertow DS, Nath A, Suffredini AF, Danner RL, Reich DS, Bishop RJ, Childs RW, Arai AE, Palmore TN, Lane HC, Fauci AS, Davey RT. Severe Meningoencephalitis in a Case of Ebola Virus Disease. Ann Intern Med. 2016; 165: 301-4.

Chertow DS, Kindrachuk J, Sheng ZM, Pujanauski LM, Cooper K, Nogee D, Claire MS, Solomon J, Perry D, Sayre P, Janosko KB, Lackemeyer MG, Bohannon JK, Kash JC, Jahrling PB, Taubenberger JK. Influenza A and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus co-infection in rhesus macaques - A model of severe pneumonia. Antiviral Res. 2016; 129: 120-9.

Chertow DS, Kleine C, Edwards JK, Scaini R, Giuliani R, Sprecher A. Ebola Virus Disease in West Africa – Clinical Manifestations and Management. N Engl J Med. 2014; 371: 2054-7.

Visit for a full list of CAPT Chertow's publications.


  • USPHS Presidential Unit Citation, COVID-19 Pandemic Response, 2021
  • USPHS Unit Commendation Award, NIH COVID-19 Critical Care Team, 2021
  • USPHS COVID-19 Campaign Medal, 2021
  • USPHS National Emergency Preparedness Award (NEPA), CAP Team, 2020
  • USPHS Global Response Service Award, Ebola Response in West Africa, 2017
  • USPHS Unit Commendation Award, NIAID Ebola Clinical Research, 2017
  • USPHS Meritorious Service Medal, US Ebola Response Leadership, 2017
  • USPHS Presidential Unit Citation, West Africa Ebola Outbreak Response, 2015
  • USPHS Unit Commendation Award, 2012
  • USPHS Citation Award, 2011
  • USPHS Field Medical Readiness, 2011
  • USPHS Commissioned Corps Training Ribbon, 2011
  • USPHS Unit Commendation Award, 2010
  • USPHS Unit Commendation Award, 2005


  • NHLBI Director's Award, COVID-19 response, 2021
  • NIH Clinical Center CEO Award, COVID IMC Physician Coverage Team, 2020
  • NIH Clinical Center CEO Award, ICU COVID Response Team, 2020
  • NIAID Merit Award, Gene Expression in a Patient with Ebola Virus Team, 2018
  • NIAID Division of Clinical Research, Letter of appreciation Ebola support, 2016
  • NIH Clinical Center Best Mentor Award, Summer Internship Program, 2015
  • NIH Clinical Center Director’s Award, Clinical Center Ebola preparedness, 2014

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