Clinical Center News
October/November 2017

Students at local elementary school raise thousands for Clinical Center patients in need

Four students with goggles and sponges wash a car. Proceeds were donated to assist NIH Clinical Center patients in need
A few months ago, the Student Government Association (SGA) from the local Bethesda Carderock Springs Elementary School raised $5,648 for the Clinical Center Patient Emergency Fund through their fundraising campaign called "Penny Wars".

The Patient Emergency Fund, which operates through the Social Work Department, helps patients and families by providing short-term emergency funds during times of crisis or financial stress. It helps them participate in medical research by providing limited amounts of money for emergency food, clothing and shelter.

"It consistently represents the largest portion of our annual donations to the Patient Emergency Fund," said Kathleen M. Baxley, Chief of the NIH Clinical Center Social Work Department.

Pictured here is their special super soaker car wash day that the SGA hosted to help boost the coin collection total.