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NIH Blood Bank Main Campus

Please note that current security measures require all campus visitors to present a valid driver's license or photo ID, with vehicle inspections required.(Alcohol, firearms, knives, and weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited!)

View the: NIH Gateway Center Visitor Vehicle Entrance

Donors without an NIH Extended Visitor ID must enter campus through the NIH Gateway Center Visitor’s Entrance and security checkpoint, located on Wisconsin Ave/Rockville Pike MD-355 from the Southbound lane.

Directions to the NIH Gateway Center Visitor’s Vehicle Entrance

  1. Head down Wisconsin Avenue (Southbound).
  2. Pass South Drive (Medical Center Metro Station).
  3. Next take a sharp right onto NIH Gateway Drive.
  4. Curve around to the Gateway Inspection Center.
  5. Show guard a copy of your Blood Donor confirmation email (either printed or on your phone).
  6. Do not park at the MLP-11 parking garage.

Please Note: GPS address: NIH Visitor Gateway Parking (Do not park there, please follow parking instructions below).

Directions to the NIH Blood Bank from Gateway Center Visitor’s Center

  1. Continue through the Inspection Center to Center Drive.
  2. Take a Right on Center Drive. 
  3. Take a slight Left onto South Drive.
  4. Follow South Drive and make a slight Left turn onto Service Road West.
  5. Turn Right onto Lincoln Drive.
  6. Take a slight Right onto Convent Drive.
  7. Pass South Drive and continue on Convent Drive.
  8. Bypass the first entrance to MLP-9 (under construction).
  9. Proceed to the second entrance for MLP-9 (marked by “Blood Donor Parking” A-frame sign.
  10. Turn right into MLP-9. Once inside MLP-9 turn right.
  11. Blood Donor Parking spaces are on the left-hand side.

Donors with an Extended Visitor ID can bypass this detour by using the NIH Employee Entrance at Old Georgetown Road and South Drive. This provides a direct route to the MLP-9 parking garage and Blood Donor Parking. If you are a regular blood donor without an Extended Visitor ID, please contact us at 301-496-1048 for information on obtaining one.

Map/Directions: NIH Employee Entrance at Old Georgetown Road and South Drive

For Donors with an Extended Visitor ID

  1. Enter the campus via Old Georgetown Road and South Drive Entrance.
  2. Scan your visitor ID badge at the security checkpoint.
  3. Continue on South Drive.
  4. Make a slight left onto Convent Drive.
  5. Continue on Convent Drive, bypass first entrance to MLP-9 (under construction).
  6. Proceed to the second entrance for MLP-9 (marked by "Blood Donor Parking" signs).
  7. Turn right into MLP-9.
  8. Inside the garage, take a right.
  9. Blood Donor Parking is on the left.

When you park, use a designated BLOOD DONOR PARKING space. Upon arrival, call 301-496-1048, then exit through the exit opposite the parking attendant's booth. Enter through the Main Entrance of the NIH Blood Bank in the Department of Transfusion Medicine. Please obtain an NIH surgical-grade face mask from the dispenser and proceed through the sliding glass doors to the Registration Desk.

Map of directions to Blood Donor Parking in MLP9 NIH Campus Access and Clinical Center Parking Patient/Visitor Access Map.

Get the latest traffic pattern changes from the NIH Campus Traffic update site.

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NIH Donor Center at Fishers Lane

5625 Fishers Lane, Rockville, MD 20852 (Suite 1S02)

Directions and Parking Instructions

Map/Directions: NIH Donor Center at Fishers Lane Parking Garage

  1. Turn onto Twinbrook Parkway from Rockville Pike/MD 355.
  2. Make a right onto Fishers Lane from Twinbrook Parkway.
  3. Take the first left onto the road between the gray US Pharmacopeia building and 5635 Fishers Lane.
  4. At the four-way stop, make a right, followed by an immediate left (Daily Parking Entrance).
  5. Get a parking ticket from the machine to open the gate arm.
  6. Proceed to the 3rd Floor of the parking garage.
  7. Look for spaces labeled "BLOOD DONOR PARKING ONLY" on your left, and park in one of the eight rows designated for blood donors.
  8. After parking, walk over to the elevators and exit the garage on the left.
  9. Follow the walkway along the side of the building on your left. 
  10. Turn left and proceed to the front of the office building. 
  11. Ring the buzzer at the main entrance and provide the security guard your driver's license or extended visitor's ID.
  12. The security guard will inform a staff member to escort you to the Donor Center.
  13. Don't forget to bring your parking ticket; we'll validate it at the Donor Center.
  14. When leaving the garage, insert your validated ticket into the machine, and it will automatically open the gate.
  15. If you encounter any issues entering or exiting the garage, please use the call for assistance button.

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