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The Department of Clinical Research Informatics (DCRI) is committed to delivering secure, responsive, high-quality, customer-oriented information technology services and support that foster excellence in clinical care and biomedical research. The areas of focus described below represent key business areas for all initiatives and projects

DCRI is responsible for creating and maintaining the technological infrastructure necessary to support the clinical and research activities conducted in the NIH Clinical Center. This includes building and maintaining servers and client applications, configuring and deploying desktop and laptop computers for Clinical Center and IC staff, developing custom applications, maintaining system operations, and managing databases.

DCRI provides expert technical support on an extensive range of information system topics and supports the various administrative, clinical and research activities of the NIH, Clinical Center and the Clinical Research Center through the development, implementation, operation and management of software applications used by over 4,500 individuals.

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Finding Our Why:

DCRI embarked on an all staff initiative, at the end of 2022, to assist with the discovery of individual, team, and organizational purpose with Finding Your Why. The purpose of the FYW initiative was:

To provide an experience and a tool kit for discovering purpose for you and your team.

In a way that is inclusive and co-created, personal, and meaningful.

So that everyone connects more deeply with purpose-driven work that fuels DCRI’s collective ability to tackle important organizational challenges and support the Clinical Center’s mission.

  • Each individual will be able to voice their own why and the why for their team. They will be able to share a personal story that connects to the DCRI Why.
  • DCRI leaders will not only know their own why and their team’s why but they will also know every other team’s why and how they connect at the overall organizational level.
  • DCRI as an organization has a sense of cohesion and a core common purpose that is patient-centric.
  • This clarity of purpose contributes to the sustainability of people, mission, and high quality service.
FYW initiative’s timeline
This graphic showcases the FYW initiative’s timeline through the end of 2022 and throughout 2023.

The FYW Initiative wrapped up successfully in September 2023. The final DCRI Why was unveiled and participants recognized the ways DCRI staff are currently exemplifying the DCRI Why.


  • Our purpose is to deliver health IT and health information management systems, tools, and education that puts trustworthy information into the hands of the Clinical Center clinical research community;

  • In a way that is secure, innovative, efficient, responsive, caring, and team-centered;

  • So that we equip staff to provide patients with outstanding care, patients and their families can feel safe and confident in the quality of care, and NIH research advances global human health.

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Vision Statement:

DCRI will serve as a model of collaborative excellence. We will lead through outstanding service for quality care and through innovation in the development, use, training, and evaluation of informatics for clinical research with the highest respect and value for privacy and confidentiality.

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Mission Statement:

The Department of Clinical Research Informatics is committed to delivering secure, responsive, high-quality, customer-oriented information technology services and support that enhance clinical care and research studies.

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  • Provide clinical systems that support efficient and effective workflow processes, enhance patient safety and allow rapid user-friendly access to reliable data necessary to promote information exchange and increase knowledge in the user community.
  • Provide a secure, dependable and accessible technical environment that supports the growing information technology requirements related to an available, complete Electronic Health Record. Maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction with the systems, applications and support provided by DCRI

Overarching DCRI Goals

  • Develop a culture of proactive management.
  • Deliver outstanding customer service to our staff, institute staff and patients.
  • Manage expectations through enhanced communication, education, and increased transparency.
  • Provide innovative solutions to ensure outstanding support of clinical care, patient safety, regulatory compliance, and clinical research.

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